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Baldwin Technology Company Celebrates 100 Years
Issued dateˇG2018/6/29
SourceˇGBaldwin Technology Company
Baldwin Technology Company is celebrating its 100th anniversary this summer by hosting a series of activities and events designed to honor and inspire both its workforce and its customers.  
Beginning in June, the well-known manufacturer of process-automation equipment and consumables for printing, packaging, converting and other industries will begin its ˇ§100 Days Of Unlocking Potentialˇ¨ initiative, highlighting a series of key company values ranging from sustainability to innovation. 
According to Baldwin CEO Brent Becker, the 100-year milestone provides a natural opportunity to reflect on how the company has grown, evolved and improved over the years. 

ˇ§Baldwin began with one man's idea in a New York garage 100 years ago ˇV when you look at the size and scope of the company today, it is both impressive and humbling,ˇ¨ Becker said. ˇ§The most inspiring aspect of Baldwinˇ¦s continued growth and success is the people who have worked, and continue to work, to build this business.  As we celebrate Baldwin, we celebrate them.ˇ¨ 

A key goal of the ˇ§100 Days Of Unlocking Potentialˇ¨ celebration is to give Baldwinˇ¦s worldwide team an opportunity to share insights about their local cultures, as a way to further develop an appreciation for the diversity that fuels the companyˇ¦s global operations.  
With facilities in the United States, England, Germany, India, China, Japan, Sweden, France, Netherlands and Australia, the initiative will also shine a light on the international teams that develop, manufacture and support Baldwinˇ¦s key product lines, which include spray dampening and cleaning systems, UV and LED curing technologies, web process controls, consumables like spray powder for offset printing and cleaning rolls for blankets and impression cylinders, and more.  
 Additionally, Baldwinˇ¦s ˇ§100 Days Of Unlocking Potentialˇ¨ activities aim to help the worldwide team better understand how the companyˇ¦s products provide financial and environmental benefits to the customers who invest in them, from printers and converters to textile producers and an array of OEMs. 

ˇ§As we celebrate Baldwinˇ¦s 100th year we are proud to be a global organization that serves a global customer base, and in the last 12 months, we have realized great transformation that will enable us to serve a broader set of marketsˇ¨ Becker noted. ˇ§When you look at the breath of the new product development in addition to technology we acquired, you realize that Baldwinˇ¦s commitment to offering solutions that provide increased efficiency and sustainability is what has driven, and will continue to drive, our business.  

Baldwin Technology ideates, engineers, manufactures and provides worldwide technical service and support for key technologies and consumable used by printers to improve their operational efficiency and product quality. It is well-known for its industry-leading spray dampening systems, its LED and UV curing technologies, and a host of other equipment and consumables for printing, converting and other industries. 


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