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Landa Digital Printing Nano News Update: Prevailing and Printing
Issued date°G08/04/2021
Source°GLanda Digital Printing


  Sharon Cohen, VP Global Business 

Last year certainly challenged the print industry. Yet as an industry, constant evolution, adaptation and reinvention is so deeply rooted in its DNA, that it once again managed to tweak itself and adjust to the new conditions. One thing became clear, digital printing is growing and becoming a mainstream production reality. Innovation in new applications grew, including packaging graphics, floor signage, mailings, posters and more, encouraging the development of new markets. Orders for just-in-time delivery and for just-per-need quantities increased. Our installed based was at a considerable advantage, as it was able to transfer jobs from their offset equipment to the Landa Nanographic Printing® Press to produce and deliver orders. 


Landaís Presence 

Landa owners have leveraged the changes Covid-19 presented, seeing it as an opportunity to rejuvenate their business and to offer a more diverse and responsive product line. Nanography® technology is increasingly a part of this trend towards digital printing.

Our team is committed to working hard to understand each of our customersí needs, especially in these unprecedented conditions. Our primary goal is to promote their growth and success in utilizing their Landa presses in the always competitive printing arena. To this end, we are also increasing the number of Landa engineers in the field to support local training and knowledge acquisition.

BluePrint AG (Germany), Em. De Jong  (The Netherlands) and Duggal Visual Solutions  (NY, USA) are new Landa Nanographic Printing® Press owners. These companies all share a mindset of innovation and serve as an inspiring resource to help their leading brand customers in breaking through to new achievements in their markets. 

Landa S10P leaving Landa Digital Printing for BluePrint AG, Germany 

In early January we crated up our Landa S10P for BluePrint AG in Munich, Germany. We are waiting with anticipation to see their first double-sided digital B1 print applications.

I am also excited to welcome McGowans  in Ireland to the Landa family. McGowans are known for their promise to make ideas happen, choosing a Landa to move into primary packaging and double their turnover. 


Looking Forward

Nothing will hold us back this year. Our goals are clear. Nanographic Printing® presses are being shipped out to more customers in more countries and Landaís customer base is growing. Our customers are experiencing growing print volumes and production efficiencies with faster turnaround times. As economies begin normalizing due to the impact of the pandemic, we expect the volume of print orders to return. 


Deng Song, Landa Digital Printing Business Manager speaking at Tech D.N.A China 

Here at Landa, we are upbeat and optimistic for a better year.

Iím delighted to be part of this journey of business partnerships and growing business opportunities for the worldwide printing industry. 


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