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Issued dateˇG26/09/2023
SourceˇGWorld Print & Communication Forum

The World Print & Communication Forum (WPCF) concluded its highly anticipated board meeting, which took place during the Pack Print International & CorruTec ASIA 2023 in Bangkok, Thailand. The meeting provided an ideal platform for industry representatives to come together and share their expertise.


WPCF members gathered in person for the first time since their meeting in Mumbai in 2020 to discuss challenges facing the global print and packaging industry, exchange valuable insights, and strengthen collaborative efforts among printing associations worldwide. The board meeting featured deliberations on enhancing the competitiveness of the printing and packaging industry on a global scale. Strategies to improve efficiency, innovation, and market adaptability were at the forefront of these discussions.

Kamal Chopra was re-elected as President of the WPCF during the board meeting. This marks his second mandate of three years as President, highlighting the trust and confidence that worldwide association executives have in his leadership.

Sustainability emerged as one of the central themes during the meeting & the joint conference of WPCF with the Thai Printing Association. Members explored strategies to promote eco-friendly practices within the printing and packaging sector, emphasizing the importance of sustainable materials, processes, and waste reduction.

Beatrice Klose, the Secretary General of WPCF, stressed the importance of industry associations as trusted sources of guidance, contrasting them with costly private consultancies often lacking specialized knowledge. She further noted that consultants tend to prioritize selling carbon offsetting schemes over assisting printers in reducing their carbon footprint. Ms. Klose emphasized that calculating the carbon footprint should encompass not only a company’s operations but also the impact of substrates, particularly paper, which contributes over 60% to a print product’s carbon footprint.

WPCF President Kamal Chopra states: "In the ever-evolving world of printing, sustainability has become paramount. From eco-friendly inks to collaborative efforts and technological advancements, the industry is embracing change for a greener future. Printing, an enduring medium of communication, has adapted to the digital age while championing eco-conscious practices. Together, we’re not just reducing our environmental impact; we’re setting a precedent for a more responsible world."




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